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I recently had a complimentary leg and foot massage by Iasis Center, with Scott. It had been a long day of standing on my bare feet in the kitchen and doing some housework, and I was needless to say "dead on my feet". Scott worked my trigger points so well, that afterward, I felt new strength to walk on those tired feet! I have had a therapeutic massage for many years, due to ascites due to liver malfunction, to help the lymph nodes to drain the fluid from my abdomen down to my ankles, and it did help. I plan on returning to Iasis as soon as my hernia surgery heals from Oct. 1...looking forward to it, and if you are in need of a relaxing, therapeutic massage of any of your problem areas, I highly do advise you to call and make an appointment as soon as you can. Why wait to feel worlds better? Just do it...

-- Tracey P., Myrtle Beach, SC 

I have suffered from lower back problems from a lot of hard physical work and a few falls during my career.

I have always believed in natural solutions and chiropractic care. My back muscle spasms play havoc with my back and take it out of alignment. 

I finally tried a deep medical massage by Betty Lawrence. I was very pleased
with the results and the professional courtesy is given
by Scott and Betty Lawrence of the Iasis Center. Their office is very professional and serene.

I would highly recommend them to others.

-- John G., Myrtle Beach, SC

My mother and I visited Iasis and want to give our praise for the attention we received. We both suffered extreme discomfort and the treatment we received was a total relief. I am able to exercise without all the aches and 1/2 movements, it's amazing!

-- Cindy R., Myrtle Beach, SC 

 My wife and I had been looking for a good massage therapist. I am so glad I found Scott at the IASIS Center. It was obvious that he is very knowledgeable and passionate about healing through touch. His massage was excellent, utilizing many different techniques to relieve my many different aches and pains. Their office and therapy rooms are very clean and professional. I purchased a package of four massages and plan on buying much more.

-- Byron F., Myrtle Beach, SC 

Loved every second of it. Betty and Scott are very generous people! It's definitely worth coming.

-- Jeremy L., Archbold, OH

What a fabulous massage! They took great care of me and go above and beyond every session!

-- Deb R-K., Myrtle Beach, SC

Scott was great! He was very informative, made me feel very comfortable, and educated me on what was going on with my neck.

I'm on my very first vacation of this year and on only my second day here I wake up with neck strain from sleeping wrong! It was horrible! I couldn't move my head and any sudden movements I was in so much pain. So I Google a massage therapist near me and I find Iasis! I'm so glad I did! It was a wonderful experience and I recommend everyone to go! Not just for medical reasons but to treat yourself!

-- Jennifer L., Washington, D.C.

I came into IASIS Center with a brace on my back. For years chiropractors told me they could not provide relief, that I would need surgery. After working ten minutes on my lower back, Scott had me walking pain-free without the back brace. It is just amazing. I did not think anything could help my back pain that I have had since the Vietnam War. Thank the good Lord for Scott and the Iasis Center.

 -- James M., Myrtle Beach, SC

Last month I woke up in severe pain when my left hip shifted and pinched my sciatic nerve. To complement the care from my primary physician, I came to Scott for medical massage and he helped me tremendously. To do so required work in my sensitive pelvic region which he performed in a completely professional manner. My pain decreased after the very 1st visit. He also collaborated with a local chiropractor to optimize my care after I gave them both permission to discuss my case. I would highly recommend the massage services performed by Scott at IASIS and am immensely grateful for his help in my healing journey. Thanks!!

-- Catherine B., Myrtle Beach, SC

My husband has major injuries from a fall.  We are from Pittsburgh and found IASIS Center while in Myrtle Beach. Highly recommend. My husband's pain was majorly reduced and although he has had many massages, this technique was like nothing we have had done. IASIS is very unique in their treatment, which gives great results after 1st treatment.

-- Mary H., Pittsburgh, PA.

I was recommended a massage by my doctor. I was doubtful that it would help as I have Fibromyalgia. To my surprise, not only did it help me, but at no time did I experience any discomfort during the process. My therapist was extremely knowledgeable about my disorder and really made me feel comfortable during the entire massage. I highly recommend the IASIS Center for your Massage needs.

-- Carla B., Conway, SC

My Chiropractor recommended Scott to work on my trigger points and muscle spasms from back pain in my thigh area. Only took a couple of visits for the spasms to reduce and each day is better. I also have a nerve pain in my arch that had bothered me for several days. Scott removed the pain in less than 2 minutes and it has not hurt again. I would highly recommend their services.

-- Elwin M., Myrtle Beach, SC

I had a medical massage and my leg and foot feel so much better! Scott was amazing even got fluid out of my leg with the massage!

-- Mary A., Myrtle Beach, SC

Thanks to Scott for using his gifts to help my body heal. Massage, acupressure and more...The best option for improved health around. 6 months ago the pain was constant when walking and now I am pain-free....

-- Elwin M., Myrtle Beach, SC

So glad I discovered Betty at the Iasis Centre - my muscles were tight and hurting but after the massage with Betty, I felt so much better. Wonderful massage and a beautiful clinic. I have already scheduled my next appointment.

-- Alan B., Ontario, Canada

found the Iasis center when I went on Vacation recently. I have Fibromyalgia and the car ride down there just simply did a number on it. My vacation was going to be ruined. Well, one of the people we met suggested that I try the Iasis Center. I called and when I arrived for my appointment, I was so surprised I was expecting a spa type of place full of different scents and such. I am highly allergic and was really not looking forward to possibly being exposed to that BUT there were none!!! It was totally Hypoallergenic.

I was greeted and a full health profile was taken. This place is run more like a professional clinic than any spa 
I have ever been to. Then the massage, I had Scott another first, I am usually worried about male therapists ya know but he was great. He was extremely respectful of me at all time and he really knew how to get rid of the pain from my Fibro!! I was so happy this was the best fibro massage I have ever had. I wish I lived closer so I could go to him all the time. He saved my vacation, in fact, I felt better for a couple of weeks after I got home as well. Thank You Iasis Center, and Thank you, Scott.

-- Rachel A., Pittsburgh, PA

I have had neck and lower back pain for years. No one was able to bring much relief to the problem. Scott at the Iasis center was wonderful. He seemed to know exactly where I was hurting without me telling him. He was very gentle and yet all of my pain disappeared. The center is a very professional atmosphere and everyone was very caring. I will only go to the Iasis center for massage... They are the best on the beach.

-- Shannon A., Myrtle Beach, SC

I highly recommend the therapeutic massage that Scott provides. He is professional, compassionate, and very patient who exhibits a great knowledge of different conditions that could be relieved with massage and by stimulating pressure points. I am pleased that I had chosen him to relieve some of my mom’s side effects after chemo.

-- Aneta P., Myrtle Beach, SC


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